Products supplied and promoted on this website are 100% authentic and bought from a certified dealer. The content of the product manufactured by the third party is entirely responsible of the production. The website afrobeautyplaza.nl is not liable for any damages caused by the ingredients or content of the product.


What is the location of your shop?

Bijlmerplein 522,

1102 DP, Amsterdam Zuidoost.


How can I contact the company?

Website: www.afrobeautyplaza.nl

Emali: info@afrobeautyplaza.nl,


What should I do if my promo code does not work?

Try to refresh your page. If that does not work please try to open another search window and type in your promo code again.


Can promo codes be used in combination with other online discount offers?

No. Each discount or promo codes can not be used as a combination in 1


I would like to buy the products in bulk, what is the procedure of that?

Please contact us at info@afrobeautyplaza.nl. Do remember to put ‘large order’ in the subject line.


Does the website offer discounts for makeup artist and beauty professionals?

Yes! it does. Please send an email to info@afrobeautyplaza.nl to receive an offer.


How do I cancel my order?

Orders can be canceled within 2 hours after the order has been placed.


What shipping options are available?

The company has signed contract with different logistic companies. Depending on the services the logistics company will provide, the company will add on its delivery option.


Does Afro beauty plaza ship internationally?

Yes, but it will depend on the logistic company due to the fact of some countries import policies, certain products can be banned to send. For more information of any such order mail on info@afrobeautyplaza.nl, so the company can provide any information regarding the products and promotion.


What is the return policy?

You can return the product within 14 days. Refunds will be credited to the card used for the purchase. Amount of shipping will not be refunded. The package of the item should not have been opened. There will be no refund if the seal of cosmetics or bottles have been opened due to hygiene purposes. Money will be refund within 14 to 30 days depending on how busy it is.


How can I receive emails from afro beauty plaza?

Scroll down this page and click on the email icon. Enter your email address and press ok.

You will then start receiving emails about the latest product and trends, promotions and discounts exclusive for members.


How can I unsubscribe to emails?

Click info@afrobeautyplaza.nl, Type in your email address and click unsubscribe.


What type of payments do you accept?

We accept (Debit or Credit) hosted by IDEAL & PayPal


Why is there a price difference between retail store and online store?

The reason why there is a price difference between retail store and online web shop is due to online competition. The prices are exclusive delivery cost, so this compensates at the end.


Why is there a price fluctuation with products?

The reason why there is a price fluctuation with products is because most of the products are manufactured in USA and China. The purchasing is made in Dollars, the rate can be high or low depending on the present day.


How can I give comments, feedback or file a complain?

Through the website, on the home page there is an option of contact us, customers can add their name, Email and subject description with their message in the box.


What is the required minimum length of the natural hair to be extension suitable?

Hair defines character with different length, design, colour and quality from synthetic and human hairs, so that a person can express herself. The shortest lengths start from 6’’ inches up to 36’’ inches. There are two types of extensions braids and weaves. There is another option for extension which are wigs.


How do Great Lengths extensions react to water activities solarium, aerobics, gymnastics, steam room, sauna etc.?

There are two types of quality available in extensions. Human hairs and synthetic hairs. Human hairs can bear heat, water, solarium and colour treating. Very few of synthetic hairs can resist water and heat. The package of every products will indicate if it is heat and water resists, please do read before purchase.


Will extensions damage my hair?

Hair will not be damaged if the hair extensions have been put carefully and maintained very well. Instruction of applying the products on the hairs are indicated on the package.


How do I wash them?

Use product like shampoo, masque, conditioner or co-wash behind any products it is instructed how to use them. Some of the products advice to combine them together for a better result.


How long will my hair last?

Hairs extension are not meant to stay forever which means they also have expiring dates. This does not mean that they indicate a specific time frame. The duration of hairs life depends on the usage. If hairs are well cared and treated, then it can be use for months. The synthetic hairs have a less life duration.


What is the difference between human & synthetic hair extensions?

Human hairs have a natural feeling and changeability as compered to synthetic hairs. Synthetic hairs cannot be treated or dyed colored as in human hairs can resist. Some synthetic hairs have the quality of heat resisting which will always indicate on the package.


Can I curl or straighten my extensions?

With Iron or a straightener, the user needs to use heat protected serum or spray before using such products. Once you have applied this, it will need a holding spray for the style to stay.


How do I know if the product is suitable for my skin?

Its advice to test the product on a patch of your skin. Skin products can be sensitive depending on your skin, before any purchase we recommend clients to read instruction and ingredients. We advise clients before purchasing any skin product, it is recommended to read before using.


Why we do not retour hair extensions and wigs?

Any products related to hairs are not retoured, the reason of this is due to transformation of any allergies or bacteria which can cause our next customers. We take customers health seriously. If customers are not satisfied with their purchase, we can come with a settlement of price reduction on their next order.