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1 Items - 3.95

Andelia Chebe Powder 100gram


What has been used for centuries by the people in Tjaad (Africa), resulting in long, thick, strong and healthy hair, is now also available here. Chebé powder gives your hair the right vitamin boost that you need and is 100% natural & vegetable so it contains no harmful substances. What is Chebe powder? Chebe is a nickname for the powdery substance produced by the locals of Tjaad for natural hair growth. Different natural products are mixed together to form the composition of Chebe powder, with the main ingredient “Chewe” or “Chebe”.

In addition, products such as Mahlaba (cherry stones) and Samour (mastic gum) are used for this great hair growth agent. The original Chebe is derived from the Lavender Croton (Croton Zambesicus). It is a shrub that is grown all over Africa, mainly Chad, Ghana, Nigeria and Burkina Faso.




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