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DevaCurl Devafuser Universal For All Curl Type


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DevaCurl Devafuser Universal For All Curl Type.

Frizz free drying for curls, while enhance definition and volume, thanks to the innovative 360 degree airflow design. Preserves natural shine and moisture, through a ceramic coated core. Durable and long lasting heat resistance material. Universal size fits most dryers. For more tips on how to use the DevaFuser.

Wavy tip: For extra volume, tilt you head to the side and place the DevaFuser so that its parallel to your scalp. Lift your roots slightly as you dry to create voluminous body. Then,  cup your ends and scrunch them toward your scalp.

Curly tip: To fresh 2nd curls: before using the DevaFuser, spritz dry curls with set it free to add back moisture. Then gently place the DevaFuser on target areas to reshape and revive curls.

Super curly tip: To elongate curls: instead of scrunching, sandwich a section of your hair between the DevaFuser and your hand, and press down the length of your curls. Continue section by section, until every piece is dry.





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